360° Keyboard Support


  1. Open the case from the side with the volume and camera cutouts 

  2. Change your iPad to landscape mode, make the Home button on your right.

  3. Put the iPad into the case and gently press the upper side to make sure it sits in perfectly.

  4. Gently push the upper corners to take iPad out.

Connect to Bluetooth

  1. Turn on the switch on the right side of the keyboard, the keyboard will light up and turn off in 2 seconds.
  2. Press the small square pairing button, the Bluetooth indicator light will start blinking.
  3. On your iPad, go to – Settings menu and select- “Bluetooth”. 
  4. Toggle the Bluetooth button to “on”.
  5. Search for available devices. 
  6. Choose "Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard". 
  7. You are connected. 

Backlight Adjustment

  1. Press the “Bulb” key to change the backlit brightness. First press- lowest brightness; second press- medium brightness; third press- highest brightness; fourth press- backlight disappear.
  2. Press the “Bulb” Key and “pgup”/ “pgdn” keys together to change the backlit color.